Here at Meads Farm we run several flocks of sheep, there are the commercial ewes, producing fat lambs by the terminal sires, a mixture of Ilde France, Hampshire and Suffolk on a home bred mule ewe.

We run a small pedigree flock of Suffolk ewes producing a few rams for the commercial man.

We have a flock of Greyface Dartmoor ewes, these are easy in comparison the feisty commercial ewe, the bolshy Exmoor ewe and the stubborn Suffolk ewe.

Our youngest son has a flock of pedigree Jacobs, he enjoys showing them at local shows, although he is fairly new to the breed and has not won too much, that does not detract from his enthusiasm.

Out on the moor we run a flock of hill sheep, Swaledale ewes, Scotch Blackface, Herdwick, Badger Face Welsh.