Belted Galloways

Our Belties can be traced back to the purchase of 4 heifers from a Mr Emmett in Berkshire in 1955, we believe the prefix was Mossend. Possibly the first bull purchased was a Barnearnie bull.

The Belties have been grazing the southern slopes of Dartmoor since 1955, some 56 years – they know their way around on the lear!

During 2010 there was some dry spells and the cows benefited from being herded to the water at Leftlake

The herd has grown over the years and now stands at around 60 cows plus heifers following on – quite a sight to see. The bulls we are using this year, 2012 are Clifton Jupiter, Mochrum Duke and Charnwood Sovereign. The cows are Autumn calving and the majority of calves are sold as store cattle, with the best quality animals being sold on for breeding or retained. The cows are out wintered around the farm, with the younger heifers and steers are wintered in sheds. Our stock is grass fed and is hardy.